Saturday, March 21, 2015

Updates on the Way!

With Swagbucks changing their design and introducing new ways to earn, I will be updating the list of Tips & Tricks, and walking you through the various methods of earning more swagbucks. Stay tuned and take advantage of the new Special Offers, Swagbucks Games and TV, and especially the NEW Daily Crave. Also use your mobile devices to maximize earnings and profits on Swagbucks, as it is becoming more mobile-friendly and oriented for users.

Stay tuned and keep swaggin'! I will be posting daily updates to keep you, the users, engaged and prepared to make the most of Swagbucks!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Simple Tip for 10-20 Extra SwagBucks Daily

This is a simple trick to earn some more SwagBucks daily, in a short amount of time:

Figure out three sites that you visit the most in you daily routine. Probably FaceBook, Twitter, maybe even Swagbucks. Once you've gotten that figured out, you are set. Next time you need to visit one of those sites, don't type in the URL. Instead, just search it as a SwagBucks search, and chances are that you will win. Since the site may be very popular, as are the social networking sites, they tend to reward you very nicely (at least that's what I've found). Now, maybe you have already been doing this, or maybe not. It is just a nice way of earning a few more unexpected swagbucks in your day. Good Luck!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sweet Trick for SwagBucks TV!

Ever use SwagBucks TV as a way to generate more SB's? Instead of waiting around watching videos, or constantly switching tabs so that you can reload the page to keep earning, there is a trick that solves the problem and puts more SwagBucks into you account! Here is the method:

  1.  Download a plugin called "Reload-Every". I have this on Google Chrome, but if you are running a different browser (Firefox, Safari, etc.), just do a Google Search to find an equivalent of Reload-Every for your browser. Once you find a highly-rated one, go ahead and download it. This plugin will refresh the page every so seconds, minutes, or hours - automatically. 
  2. Go to SwagBucks TV. This is a tough one, right?
  3. Pick a SHORT VIDEO! Don't waste time "watching" long videos when you can speed through the shorter ones.
  4. Now, once you find a SHORT video, watch it once first to see how long it is with loading times, ads, or anything that may slow it down.
  5. After you get a feel for how long it is in reality, click on the "Reload-Every" plugin (or your alternative to it). Set the time for about 10-15 seconds MORE than the total time that your video takes to fully complete - from start to finish. 
  6. Now, keep that in a separate tab, and let the plugin work its magic!
Reload-Every will keep refreshing the page periodically (hopefully just after the video ends if you set it up correctly). You can do whatever you need to in a separate tab while this earns swagbucks for you. The SwagBucks TV meter goes up 10% after each video, which means after each automatic reload. This trick works GREAT!
****TIP**** Make sure to occasionally check back on the other tab with the video to check on your earnings and to make Reload Every is still running. Sometimes it stops: if the plugin does stop, simply set the time again, and let it run. It will keep working after that.
Also, it is good to check the video in case an CAPTCHAs come up (those messages to check that you are a human). If they do, just fill them out quickly before the page reloads.
Stick with this method and the swagbucks will be rolling in! Trust me! Let's just say there is a certain prize that i always redeem from the Swag Store. I used to get one per month (if i was lucky), now, after using this trick, I GET 1 per WEEK!
Good Luck!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Swagbucks "Tasks"!

Recently, Swagbucks has created a swagbuck-making machine! It's a gold mine for us Swaggernauts. It is called "Tasks" and is located in the left-hand earn column. This may be the easiest thing to do on swagbucks and pays pretty well. So, you click on the "Tasks" tab, then it will redirect you to a whole page filled of different tasks. For each task you complete, an amount of swagbucks will be rewarded to you.

Each task will say # swagbucks, in the first column, then the task title and description in the second column. The first task is a pharmacy locator. It tells you all the directions after you click on it, and you follow them! SO you need to read the information they tell you about a pharmacy in the US, and need to determine the answers to the questions they ask. They will be questions like "Do the address's in the link match the address of Mike's Pharmacy stated above?" The, you can say yes, no, or the link was broken. If you get a question wrong, they help you by going back and reviewing the question! It's so simple and an easy swagbuck maker. I did three tasks in less than a half hour. I earned 42 swagbucks in less than a half hour! This may be one of the greatest options to earn swagbucks right now. Try them, see how good you do. After a couple you will get the hang of them. If you still have trouble, leave a comment or contact me via the "Contact Me" page on this blog. Hope you all have big success with this! (If you need picture guides, I can try and add some."

Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Swagbucks Updates:

Swagbucks keeps updating their website constantly. The latest things they have done to the site are changing some forms of swagbucks and they added an email box. This morning I ended up somehow winning 12 swagbucks 3 times in less than a half-hour! And everytime I won the swagbucks had a different look to it. When I won, the swagbuck looked like a video with a play button in the middle. I'm not sure if that's and actual video of something, but I think it's just a new look. Depending on how many you win, the swagbucks will probably be different. By that I mean the picture on the swagbucks will probably change around. The only thing we can do though is keep searching and see how each swagbuck differs from the other and if it actually means anything or is just a new look.

As for the little mailbox tool, I think it's a nice little gadget that will help with swag codes and notices. It alerts you when you have a new swagbucks email and such. It also tells you when there are new swag codes out and what they are. That is helpful because it is like all the other tools except this one is right on the homepage! So check it out. This tool is located right alongside the links on the top of the swagbucks homepage. There will be a number in red that tells you how many new emails you have. Hopefully, they will keep updating and changing things on their site to keep improving it!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Answer To a Question:

Somebody sent me a message asking if swagbucks had an "insurance" on your account. I think that person was trying to ask if swagbucks had your account insured if you lose your password or somebody hacks your account. The answer is yes. Well, it's not exactly insurance, it's just like a thing where you answer a security question that you chose when you first created your account. So if you forget your password or somebody hacks into your account somehow, just answer the security question you chose and your good to go. That's the insurance of Swagbucks! It's not like car insurance, or life insurance, or house insurance, it's swagbucks insurance...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Get More Swagbucks Daily

I searched 3 times in 10 minutes and i won 10 SB, 9 SB, and another 9 SB. I won all that in just 10 MINUTES!!! It was incredible! If you do that too, the prizes will be coming in even faster!! Try it out, see if it works for you!!



Make sure you leave a comment telling me your swag name, and i will check if you are my referral!