Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Simple Tip for 10-20 Extra SwagBucks Daily

This is a simple trick to earn some more SwagBucks daily, in a short amount of time:

Figure out three sites that you visit the most in you daily routine. Probably FaceBook, Twitter, maybe even Swagbucks. Once you've gotten that figured out, you are set. Next time you need to visit one of those sites, don't type in the URL. Instead, just search it as a SwagBucks search, and chances are that you will win. Since the site may be very popular, as are the social networking sites, they tend to reward you very nicely (at least that's what I've found). Now, maybe you have already been doing this, or maybe not. It is just a nice way of earning a few more unexpected swagbucks in your day. Good Luck!


  1. Thanks for the tips, I've tried them today, the problem is, I don't feel any significent increase in my points at all, it still feels like a long time to redeem something, on other sites I tried like gifthulk and iRazoo it never felt this way, it always seemed like the points is flowing to you.

    1. Hey thanks for the feedback. The trick that works best for me is the SwagBucks TV one. You just have to keep it running and you will no doubt see a dramatic increase in Swagbuck revenue. As long as the site is up on your computer, it should run properly, just remember to have the Reload Every plugin running as well. Good luck! Reply if you need more help. Just keep using it and you should see a difference

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  4. Great tip but make sure you diversify the search somewhat. If you search the exact same thing over and over again then Swagbucks may ban you! If you or your readers are interested in more ways to earn on Swagbucks I would suggest the site They have a lot of info on Swagbucks and other GPT sites!

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